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myrtle beach senior week

Senior Week at Myrtle Beach
by Shelley Poulton myrtle beach senior week

People know it as Students' Week, Senior Week, and Graduation Week . . .some locals even call it a week worth LEAVING town for. But whatever people call it, high school students flock to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina after graduation to celebrate the end of their secondary school years. It's the type of year when young people (most aged 16-19) descend on the beach town for fun in the sun.

Why Myrtle Beach? Many young people are drawn to the good weather and the low accommodation prices. Affordable motels line the streets of downtown Myrtle Beach, and in the outlying areas there are a host of condominium rental buildings. There are benefits - and drawbacks - to each.

Motels are great because of the cost. A basic room can often be had for as low as $45. And many of the motels are quite used to accommodating students at this time of year - so they add an extra bed or two to each room and raise the occupancy level to five or six. This makes it more economical - and busy. Many of these motels turn into party places that don't slow down until the wee hours of the morning.

A little more luxury can be had at a slightly higher cost. Condo rental agencies do a flourishing business year 'round in MB. Some will rent to students - others won't. Be sure to check out their policy and don't be tempted to lie about your age to secure a reservation. There have been many cases of students showing up to rent and being refused accommodation because they don't meet the age requirements.

In both condos and hotels you may be faced with a set of rules. The rules govern noise, age of renters, the number of people allowed in each room, and even things like who is allowed into the complex. That means if you meet your dream man or woman at the bar and want to invite him or her back for an, um, nightcap, you may not be allowed to. Both condos and motels may require you to have a cash deposit. You have no choice about this, so you'd better be prepared. Often, the deposit is $100 PER PERSON - and remember, it's cash. Even more important to remember - if you trash the place, you're not getting it back.

Students flock to MB to celebrate and unwind. And the activities they choose to do are generally split into two distinct categories: day and nighttime recreation.

Daytime pursuits center on the beach. Myrtle Beach's miles of sandy oceanfront draw in students interested in sunning, sporting and scoping each other out. Leisure time on the beach is spent playing Frisbee, hackeysack, and volleyball. Nearby, there are championship golf and, for the less adventurous, minigolf courses. For those less athletically inclined, there is great shopping at the outlet mall or at the Barefoot Landing complex (an attractive area filled with restaurants and shops).

While the sun may be burning during the day, things really heat up at night. And, let's face it, that's why most students come to Myrtle Beach. The area features dozens of hopping nightclubs and beach bars - where dancing, drinking and embarrassing contests are the order of the day. While the clubs are popular, they are for people 18 and over. But the area has a ton of interesting restaurants that are nearly as packed and as festive as the bars. Some of the most popular are the Hollywood-style chains, including the Hard Rock cafe, Planet Hollywood and the House of Blues. A big hit with visitors of all ages is Dick's Last Resort. Located at Barefoot Landing, it features surly waiters who bark at you, tell you what to order, throw your cutlery at you and even tell you how much to tip. But it's all in good fun're free to join in the sparring with a few barbs of your won but be prepared for Dick's punishment: You'll have to wear a condom-shaped paper hat for the duration of your dinner.

A popular day or night pursuit is cruising the strip. Here, you can check out the other cruising students, buy any number of rude or suggestive T-shirts for your buddies back home, or send a not-so rude or suggestive postcard to Mom and Dad. The truly adventurous might be lured to one of the many tattoo or body piercing joints. Just remember, though, it may seem like a good idea at the time but you are going home at the end of the week. And you do want Mom and Dad to pay for college, don't you?



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